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Vortex Bongs and Others: 8 High Tech Bongs That Will Give You a Better High

Forget all about your old glass bong! It is certainly time to upgrade your smoking experience with the best devices that you can find. Even if you love smoking your joint, you will appreciate everything that a bong has to offer. If you are a first time smoker, worry not, there are a ton of options that will suit your preferences. On the other hand, if you already have one of your own, then a vortex bong is a perfect gift for a friend or loved one who shares your hobby.

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Here are 8 of the best high tech bongs hat will give you a better high:

1. Vortex bong

The highly satisfying vortex bong has proven that it can be the one-stop shop for smokers with different preferences. To achieve the perfect amount of filtration without going overboard, this bong relies on its turbine percolator to swirl the water in a vortex pattern. The vortex bong produces the best smoking effect. With it, you do not have to worry about splashing back as it comes with a splash-guard that protects against any accidental water shows. Through this bong model, marijuana is known to retain its personal flavor. It is a win-win for smokers who are looking for a versatile smoking device.

2. Helix Beaker Water Pipe

With a great capacity for small spaces, this water pipe falls directly below the vortex bong. It is one of the most exciting innovations when it comes to smoking marijuana. Needless to say, this water pipe has become increasingly popular because it enables you to enjoy a clean smoke and comes in an array of colors. It operates efficiently and enables you to have a smoother smoking experience without necessarily having to take water breaks that interrupt your experience. It is a safer and faster way to smoke your kush.

3. Straight Glycerin Ice Bong

The glycerin ice bong takes all smokers to their peak. With an 8 arm percolator and a freezable glycerin jacket, you can be certain that it will change your smoking moments as you know them. American made and available in red and blue colors, this is a portable piece that will comfortably fit in your pocket. Dubbed the “first ever pocket nail,” it does not come with any restrictions. It is an on-the-go rig that will highly deliver the most concentrated hits with minimal to no effort. Its best aspect is the fact that it heats your concentrates and delivers a clean vape without having to burn your stash.

4. The Round Base Bong

Just like its title suggests, the round base bong is round in shape. It is one of the popular bongs that is uniquely set apart by its ice pinch and cool colored sections. Available in a variety of yellow and blue colors, the bong is 10 inches tall and has a slim but sleek body. You no longer have to worry whether your smoking moments will yield results, with this device, you can be certain that you will be ‘higher’ than you have ever been. It takes the pain out of the process. The round base bong is essentially a set-and-forget product. It will meet you at the point of all your stoner needs.

5. Ceramic bong

Over the past few years, ceramic bongs have become increasingly popular. They come in an array of colors and designs. This type of bong is included in some of the most fun smoking devices that are available in the market. It does not matter what your preference may be; flying dragons or scary aliens, this is the most versatile bong that you will ever come across. Just like the vortex bong, it can be placed discretely on the shelf without anyone giving it a second glance. It can be used during smoking parties as well as private smoking moments.

6. Bamboo bong

Also referred to as an unbreakable bong, a bamboo bong offers a smoking metaphysical experience. It is jampacked with the world’s natural waterproofing oils that make it less tensile. Many weed smokers prefer this type of bong because it provides more natural smoke during your smoking sessions. Bamboo bongs are eye catching and function perfectly. However, their durability is their biggest appeal. As the bong is indestructible, it can last a lifetime. In addition to this, cleaning the bong is actually a breeze. To make it more personal, you can curve your name or initial outside the bong.

7. Multi-outlet bong

This is perhaps the most unique bong that you will ever come across. It is filled with many outlets to ensure that a number of smokers are going to enjoy a good high all at the same time. Basically, the bong is filled with a few inches of water, just enough to allow it to be submerged. Once you pack in your weed, you can be sure that your smoking experience and that of your friends will be highly unique. There are no absolute concerns when it comes to smoking other than the fact that this type of bong is not suitable for beginners. In other words, it is perfect for smoking pros.

8. Freezable bong

This bong guarantees the coolest hit possible. If you are a sucker for a smooth, cooled smoke without the use of ice then this is the perfect pick. The bong uses unique technology and is built sing high quality borosilicate glass. When it is your turn to take that fat rip, you will be as high as a kite. The smoke travels to your mouth through a metal pipe and the cool water. The most appealing aspect of this bong is the fact that it is the most durable in the industry. All you have to do is put your mouth on top of it and rip away.

These are the best types of bongs that you will ever come across. They will certainly offer a brilliant smoking experience.