invertible gravity bong

Why Smoking with an Invertible Gravity Bong Is Healthier

Many people use an invertible gravity bong when smoking marijuana nut the million dollar question is whether this type of bong is healthy when it comes to smoking. As many smokers are aware, burning marijuana produces a certain compound (that is also found in tobacco) that is harmful to the body. Smokers are more exposed to this compound when they smoke marijuana using joints. However, they are less exposed when they smoke out of an invertible gravity bong.

How? You may wonder!

Well, all the magic lies in the water. An invertible gravity bong can trap as much as 90% of toxins that would otherwise be harmful to your lungs once inhaled. By passing marijuana smoke through the water, any toxins that can impair your immune cells are all removed. This kind of bong provides beneficial filtration for smokers who suffer from immune-deficiencies.

Things to Remember When Using an Invertible Gravity Bong

  • It is important to always clean out dirty bong water. This is because, re-using the water will lessen the bongs filtering effect and it may actually be useless. This also plays a role in hygiene even if you use the bong all by yourself.
  • Plastic invertible gravity bongs are not recommended because they are known to create toxins when the smoke heats up. Forget the cheap price tag, glass versions of the bong are more or less in the same price range.
  • Unlike joints where you would need to add tobacco to your marijuana to get more lit, you do not need to add anything to the bong. The lighter will keep it on for as long as you require.
  • This bong will drastically cool down your smoke by allowing it to cool while traveling. You are not in danger of inhaling hot smoke that may be harmful to you.
  • It can be time consuming to roll your joint and if is loose, you will waste a lot of herb. In comparison to this, throwing in your ground chowder in a bowl and using the invertible gravity bong is a breeze.

The Importance of Water Filtration

As discussed above, this type of bong makes it easy to filter out any tar that may be found in your water. Filtered water will enable you to get the best hits and a more pleasant smoking experience. It will also make it easy to absorb all the concentrates in your marijuana as it is absorbed by the water.

Invertible Gravity Bong vs. Vaporizers

Vaporizing has been proven to be the healthiest way of smoking marijuana. However, it is not recommended if you want a heavy blast as you may find the end result weaker than that which you get when using an invertible gravity bong to combust the herb.

If you use both this bong and vaporizer simultaneously then you will realize that an invertible gravity bong is easier to maintain than a vaporizer which requires more work and can easily malfunction. When using a bong, emptying the bowl is quite simple in comparison to scarping out resin from a vaporizer.

Invertible Gravity Bongs vs. Edibles

When using edibles, it can take a really long time to get high depending on your weight, overall size and metabolism. With edibles, you never know. A dose may knock you off or can barely touch you. In addition to this, edibles are not recommended for a new smoker. This makes the use of an invertible gravity bong a much better method for smoking.

The Benefits

The popularity of the invertible gravity bong has exponentially grown over the years. This is mainly due to their advancement and the way in which their filtration system works. Here are some of the most unique benefits that you will enjoy:

  1. Better flavor - Once the toxins are out of the way, you can taste the actual flavor of the strain. You will be amazed at how smoking cherry pie will feel like you are consuming it. You will also realize that the true taste of your weed had been masked when using joints or other smoking methods. You will not miss out on the pure flavor of the strain.
  2. It is a quicker method - An invertible gravity bong could easily be part of your wake and bake ritual. When using it you will not be able to consume the same amount of energy that you would when you are rolling up a joint. You will also be able to make more significant rips and get the job done much more quickly. Also, the prep work is straight forward and does not cause any disruption to your routine.
  3. It represents art in its finest - There is nothing better than smoking from a piece of art. Just by looking at an invertible gravity bong, you can tell hat the process of its creation is absolutely divine! It showcases real craftsmanship an artistic detail that will go into making each and every piece. Every bong is different and can never be replicated.

Upgrade Your Bong

Today, it is possible to upgrade our bong. You do not have to feel like you are stuck smoking with the same old bong that you bought years ago. Many new bongs have ice catchers which allow you to add ice cubes to the neck of your bong. The main purpose of this is to ensure that your smoke cools down very quickly and you get that smooth, pleasant hit that you are craving for in the shortest possible time.

There are also bongs that come with percolators. They will provide you with a smoother rip in comparison to a traditional beaker bong. If you have never used an invertible gravity bong before, the truth is that you are missing out on the experience of your life. A single hit from this bong will make you fall in love. Despite the fact that different time and places require different smoking devices, you will ever be able to put your bong down even when you are on the go. You will never again worry about the quality of your hits.