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Gravity Bong Myths Debunked

The use of gravity bongs is now becoming more popular than ever. There are many designs and materials used to make gravity bongs, but it all boils down to usage. How do you use the gravity bong effectively and without risk? And can gravity bongs make you sick? These are some of the questions whose answers are sometimes misleading. Different people have myths that they use to answer some of these questions. They end up giving the wrong information and the reader ends up believing the myths as facts.

Cannabis smokers are now more than ever cautious about what they hear. Fact-checking in the cannabis industry has now become and norm, all thanks to the internet. Today, we want to look at some of the myths people say about gravity bongs and unearth them. We will learn more about gravity bongs then dive into if you should make or buy a gravity bong.

Gravity Bongs Are Super Dangerous

The opposite is actually the truth. The person who came up with the gravity bong was enjoying themselves. Smoking weed is fun and there is no need to make it such a complicated process. Gravity bongs are safe to use but they are best for experienced smokers or seasoned stoners. They give such a powerful and potent hit not encouraged for a beginner.

Gravity Bongs Use a Lot of Weed

When using a gravity bong, the amount of weed used is smaller than the weed used when smoking a joint or pipe to give you the same high as a gravity bong. For a beginner, one hit from a gravity bong is more than enough to get them high while for a seasoned or experienced stoner, two or three hits are enough.

Gravity Bongs Give You Cancer

One of the scariest and persistent questions posed by beginner smokers is, do gravity bongs give you cancer? Gravity bongs don’t produce risk-free smoke. However, the same smoke produced by a joint or pipe is the same smoke produced by the bong. The gravity bong doesn’t cause cancer. However, there is a higher risk of getting lung cancer if you smoke regularly compared to a non-smoker.

Risk-free Gravity Bongs Are Available

When smoking, you put yourself at risk of respiratory diseases. This means that getting a gravity bong that eliminates all risks associated with smoking is a fallacy. The risk will always be there, but smokers tend to ignore the risk and enjoy the journey instead.

Gravity Bongs Are Expensive

Gravity bongs are easy to make; hence they aren’t as expensive in the market. However, this depends on the material used to make the bong. Plastic bongs are cheaper as compared to glass and ceramic bongs. If you need a high quality, savvy gravity bong, there are designs in the market to settle your curiosity.

Gravity Bongs Must Be Plastic

The homemade gravity bong might be plastic but this doesn’t mean that all bongs are made of plastic. The DIY gravity bong is made using the readily available materials at home which are mostly plastic bottles. Glass, ceramic, bamboo, and metal gravity bongs are available but are more complex to make.

Gravity Bongs Are For The Younger Folks

Young stoners have the luxury of exploring different cannabis consumption methods. For this reason, most of the adult stoners don’t use gravity bongs citing themselves as too mature for gravity bongs. However, this is not true. Your age doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy some gravity bong hits.

Gravity Bongs Can Kill You

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? This is also true for the gravity bong user. The bong doesn’t kill you but it makes you stronger for the next time you take a hit. No one starts on a gravity bong experienced. One has to start as a beginner and learn to adapt. The gravity bong can’t kill you.

Gravity Bongs Don’t Smell

There is a stigma in the world today by non-smokers directed to smokers. When you smoke a joint, it has a distinct smell such that one can tell whether you have been smoking weed or not. Most stoners opt for the bong trying to eliminate the smell. But does a gravity bong smell? Yes, it does! I am sorry to disappoint you but the gravity bong smells because the smoke is the same and unfiltered as compared to the one on a joint or bubbler. If you are starting with the gravity bong for the smell, it’s a good place to start but eliminating the smell while smoking is almost impossible.

Using a Different Bong Bowl is Risky

Plastic is not a good material especially when exposed to heat. If you make a DIY gravity bong, you can exchange the bowl with another material such as wood or metal. Before you decide what to use for gravity bong bowl, why are you going through all this for a bowl? When you light the cannabis on top of the gravity bong, you want it to retain the original taste and smell and not contain any chemicals right? If you use a plastic bowl covered with an aluminum foil, the plastic one might ignite during combustion and produce a bad taste or toxic chemicals which are dangerous if inhaled.

Gravity Bongs Won’t Get You Higher

A single hit from a gravity bong produces a stronger and more concentrated hit as compared to the bubbler or a joint. The smoke inside the bong is unfiltered and contains all the THC and other contents in the cannabis. The smoke isn’t passed through water or any other filtration method. For those who believe the gravity bong can’t get you higher, why is it that two or three hits are enough for an experienced smoker while one is more than enough for a beginner. How much weed does a stoner need to smoke in a joint or pipe to achieve the same high?

Gravity Bongs Are Discreet

From the smell of the smoke to the sight of taking a hit, gravity bongs are not discreet. If you want to start using a gravity bong to try and hide your smoking habits, you are on your own. First of all, the smoke from the bong smells the same if not stronger than the one from a joint or pipe. It is unfiltered and contains a lot of THC and other chemicals present in the cannabis.

Second, gravity bongs are hard to hide and bulky. This poses a problem for those trying to keep their smoking habits a secret.

Should I Make or Buy a Gravity Bong?

The answer to this depends on your creativity, available materials, personal preferences, and safety of use. If you want to make your own gravity bong, you can get the readily available materials at home and make one. If you are feeling crafty and you believe in your crating skills, making the gravity bong is easy and won’t take a lot of time. In less than ten minutes, you could be taking a hit from your homemade gravity bong.

We have a detailed step by step guide on how to safely make and use a gravity bong for those interested. Smoking weed is recreational. Something one should enjoy hence there is no need to make it super complex.

The sad part about gravity bongs is they can be hard to locate in regular head shops. Up to date, gravity bongs are illegal in many countries and states in the world even some in the United States. But why is this yet medical marijuana is used. Lack of understanding of how medical marijuana is used is the main reason. Medical marijuana users can benefit from the strong doses of marijuana provided by this method of marijuana intake.

Buying One Might Be Better

There are so many different gravity bong types and designs in the market today. Do you know what is a tampon gravity bong? It’s a type of gravity bong with a tampon that helps filter the smoke propelled into your lungs. That was a just by the way. Gravity bongs today are made using high quality and durable materials such as glass and ceramic. A bong made using these materials is easier to clean and safer to use. Companies today make gravity bongs designed for the best smoking experience.

The homemade versions might be unwieldy and unsafe but the gravity bong made by production companies is safer and user friendly. If you are worried about the type of gravity bong to buy, we have a buying guide for you to help you make a choice. We also provide you with a lot of products and information if you are a beginner in the world of cannabis. This way, you won’t be confused or intimidated when you encounter your first gravity bong like most newbies. Gravity bongs are cheap, easy to use and re-usable. These aren’t party devices exclusively; they can also be used by medical marijuana users to give a stronger dose.