about us

About Us

Were about everything bongs. We love them and you should as well.

Our mission is to find and sample various bongs that are available in the market place.

When you have love for bongs as much as us you can quickly why our passion is high.

In 1995, an idea and hobby became the first business in California. The company has transitioned over the years into one of the leading Internet retailers on the web - with a strong focus on customized products. We no longer carry bongs but instead now offer a complete selection of top manufacturers' bongs. We are always looking for new bongs to explore so if you have one to recommend, we would be very happy.

Our focus is to provide customers with the ability to easily, quickly and affordably information on bongs and other gear. Read are articles to get an understand the benefits of various different devices that are available on the Internet. Some of the manufacturers offer custom embroidered and swags such as hats, shirts, bags and more.